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Professional Roadway & Lot Sweeping Serving Eastern Pennsylvania For Over 30 Years

Stanley Sweeping and Ground Maintenance, Inc. has been providing sweeping services to the Northeast for more than three decades, helping local business owners in creating outstanding first impressions. Allow us to maintain the safety and accessibility of your parking lot or construction site in Eastern Pennsylvania.

We are a family-owned and -operated business that has been delivering eco-friendly services to multi-million dollar excavation, construction, and management organizations.

Parking Lot Sweeper at Weis Market

Our Sweeping and Cleaning Specialties

Stanley Sweeping offers a wide variety of cleaning services to clients from all over the Northeast United States. Our service covers the following areas:
Parking Lots & Garages
Full service cleaning and sweeping for commercial parking lots, multi-level & underground garages, and car parks.
Street & Highway Sweeping
Safety focused professional sweeping and cleaning for streets and highways.
Commercial & Industrial
Commercial and industrial sweeping & cleaning for factory floors, warehouses, loading bays, and hard stand areas.
Stormwater Mitigation
Sweeping, cleaning, and clearing debris from storm drainage systems and water runoffs.
Landscape Maintenance
Professional landscaping services for commercial facilities, storefronts, public parks, and more.
Commercial Snow Removal
Commerical snow removal and deicing services for safe and reliable access to your facilities.

Your Best Choice

The quality of our service is one thing that we don’t ignore or compromise on at Stanley Sweeping. We are dedicated to using the best of our company’s resources, both equipment and employees, for each sweeping operation we undertake, assuring the highest service standards for all of our clients.

All of our staff members have been fully trained on how to use our equipment and to deliver the best service possible. Professionalism is a core principle of Stanley Sweeping. Our staff is timely, completes the task silently, and leaves within the agreed-upon timeframes.

Our service charges are comparable with the quality of the service offered, and they are competitive with the majority of our industry competitors. When it comes to dependable and reliable service, we are still the Northeast’s recommended sweeping and cleaning specialists!

Getting Started

At Stanley Sweeping, we are dedicated to assisting you in making a memorable first impression on clients and other partners by ensuring that your properties and facilities are always presentable and clean. A clean work environment reduces accidents and liabilities while also increasing worker morale. Our sweeping services ensure those outcomes. Contact us today for a free quote to take advantage of these benefits!

Full Service Commercial Sweeping & Cleaning Services