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Street & Highway Sweeping

Covering all of Eastern Pennsylvania, we help keep the roadways clean and clear of debris and other hazards.

Keeping Pennsylvania Roads Clean & Safe for 30 Years

There are two main advantages to street sweeping for municipalities. The most noticeable advantage is that gutters are kept clean of gravel, leaves, and other debris that might accumulate there. During heavy rains, this material can clog storm drains and lead to flooding in low-lying areas.

There is also the crucial but more hidden advantage of cleaning the air of metal fragments and other dangerous waste items released by passing automobiles. Although these particles are so small that the naked eye cannot detect them, they can do serious harm to fish and other aquatic organisms if they make their way into our rivers and streams.

Sweeping the streets of a city is an efficient way to get rid of pollutants that accumulate there. We use sweeping as a BMP (Best Management Practice) for pollution prevention and water quality enhancement. On average, motorized sweeping can divert 220,000 pounds of waste from the streets and away from the storm sewers.

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Maintaining Visual and Environmentally Friendly Streets and Highways

Keeping the roads and highways clean is essential for a number of reasons, including reducing pollution, making driving safer, and boosting a community’s curb appeal.

Stanley Sweeping employs all three types of power sweeping equipment in varying capacities to remove hazardous debris and harmful chemicals that may contaminate the environment. Our mechanical power sweepers, regenerative air power sweepers, and vacuum filter sweepers may all be employed alone or in tandem, depending on the specifics of your project. Stanley Sweeping hopes to work with you as your NPDES permit compliance partner.

The Standard
Community Health

The well-being of a community as a whole is crucial. Health is one of the key components that define a community, including the water we drink, the food we eat, and the air we breathe. The elimination of potentially hazardous debris around our homes, schools, and roadways is a major benefit of street sweeping for community health. These substances may include metals, chemical compounds, noxious nutrients, and more. For every acre of swept roadway, between 1,100 and 2,100 tons of trash are eliminated per year.

Community Safety

It shouldn’t be a shock that safety should be a top priority in every community. Another positive part about sweeping the streets is that it makes our neighborhoods safer.

Safety for the public should always be the top priority for everyone who lives in, travels through, or visits a community. Getting rid of trash on the side of the road reduces the number of accidents and makes driving safer.

Community Preservation

Street sweeping is generally considered of in the short-term, but it helps preserve the environment for years to come.

Street sweeping is about safeguarding and conserving our pavement for the future. A regular sweeping plan in your neighborhood will eliminate debris and extend the life of paved roads and paths. Street sweeping helps reduce plastics and debris that endanger local animals. It also removes hazardous metals and contaminants from our air emissions. Street sweeping helps protect our rivers, beaches, and air by minimizing road litter.

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